Tuesday, July 10 2012

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Saturday, July 7 2012

You were finished long before
We had even seen the start
Why don’t you stand up, be a man about it
Fight with your bare hands about it now

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Thursday, July 5 2012


I busted my head open last night and had to get staples in it today. It is also very likely that I have a concussion.

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Tuesday, July 3 2012

I am a wreck.

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Saturday, June 30 2012

There comes a time when we must realize that what used to be, probably never will be again, and what could be, probably never will be.

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Friday, June 29 2012


Look that one up. I know you aren’t good with abbreviations and you’ve long forgotten it by now.

❤, scoot.

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Sunday, June 24 2012

Normally, I wouldnt post a song like this…But it fits.

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I am in such a bad mood.

1. My parent’s are driving me mad.

2. My dad shows major favoritism to my sister…to the point where I don’t even matter/exist.

3. My boobs are too small.

4. It’s been raining all day so I can’t go outside and do anything.

5. I’m extremely lonely.

6. My sister refuses to cooperate with me on anything.

7. My dad WILL NOT get off of the recliner and leave the television. All I wanna do is suppress my boredom by cuddling up and watching Pretty Little Liars.  

8. People you thought were in your life because they admired the person you are rather than who they want you to be do not exist.

The End.

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Perfect keychain

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